Oneness Concept | 教育课程
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<Energize for Life>

Instructor: Ms. Tina Lee Rong


Course Outline:

This course enables us to master practical ways to deal with our body and mind, discover inner resources and connect them with high energy, restore health, expand and accept infinite abundance and bliss.


  • Understand the impacts of trauma on our body, mind and life
  • Discover truest self
  • Determine memory trace from the map of the soul
  • Explore the 7 dimensions of body and mind
  • Rebuild the relationship with family of origin
  • Techniques and experience of Transformational Healing


Registration / inquiry:

Isabel 012-390 2577 or

<The Power of Healing>

Instructor: Ms. Zhao Cai Zhen


Course Outline:

Our human body has seven chakras, each corresponds to different parts of the body. The imbalance of chakra energy may lead to many problems inside out. This course assists us:


  • Regain balance between physical and mental health
  • Reconstruct good relationship
  • Understand unsolved mysteries in life
  • Enjoy abundant life


Transformation of body chakra: Perceive | Heal | Transform | Aura

Target the problems caused by chakra imbalance, to promote good health, wealth, success, abundance, and spiritual awakening by balancing the chakra energy.


Physical and emotional healing: True-self | Consciousness | Purify | Energy

Target the roots of all physical and mental emotions, to achieve inner transformation and regain the balance of emotion, mind and spirit.


Registration / inquiry:

Isabel 012-390 2577 or

<Beauty Aesthetics by Flower Essence>

Instructor: Ms. Judy Chen Mei Hua


Course Outline:

Ultimate body healing: Repair | Care | Restore | Curve

Discover your perfect self through this ultimate beauty aesthetics using flower essence. Our instructor offers one-to-one guidance on how to own and maintain the perfect inner and outer beauty.


With the introduction of Australian flower essence throughout the course, witness the four major improvement on the body, and regain full health and confidence.

  • Anti-aging
  • Refresh the mind
  • Revive body functions
  • Perfect body sculpting
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