Oneness Concept | Brand Intro – Le’Zing
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Brand Intro – Le’Zing

The High-Frequency Resonance Extreme Production Process

Le’Zing represents vitality, energy, and vigor. By adopting the best raw materials along with our high-frequency resonance process, we’re able to produce the best High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee. Each individual has their very own unique vibrational frequency. The high-frequency energy of Le’Zing coffee can balance this resonating frequency by balancing the body and mind, restoring the body’s vital harmony to achieve a self-healing effect.

This is the only exclusive recipe!

When drinking Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee, adding just the right amount of MCT8 Coconut Oil will result in an infinite effect!
MCT C8 coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids which can be quickly metabolized by the body. This can prevent fat accumulation and effectively improve mental clarity and concentration, reduce fat as well as suppress hunger!

Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee Ingredients

Top quality, pure and natural ingredients!


South America’s top powdered coffee:

Le’Zing’s Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee — made with the best selection of coffee beans from Peru, South America. Peruvian coffee beans grown in the high altitudes of South America are of the highest quality and are known around the world for the fresh, bright characteristic in their taste. Along with a hint of sourness, there’s a floral and fruity aroma to it, giving it a lively and mellow touch which is not too overpowering. These are among the finest among coffee beans.


MCT Coconut Powder: One of the main ingredients in making Bulletproof Coffee. Made from the purest all-natural virgin coconut oil, it contains more than 50% MCT. Its mild aroma and taste enhances the delicate flavor and taste of the coffee. Used as a replacement for regular and coconut milk in coffee, it’s suitable for vegetarian or lactose intolerant individuals.


Ionized Brown Algae Calcium: Natural brown algae can slowly release calcium ions, supplementing the calcium ion requirements, along with the vitamins and minerals needed to help maintain regular cell growth, delay aging, and improve the body’s acidity.

The Charm of Bulletproof Coffee: Drank by celebrities around the world!

Even since 100BC, Ancient Tibetans have already been using this secret to have a healthy body!A brand new diet that’s popular the world over! Silicon Valley engineer Dave Asprey, American celebrity Ryan Hall, 2014 Cross-America Female Runner Anna Judd, British singer Ed Sheeran, American singer Tim McGraw, former NBA star Ray allen, Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh, Good Morning America host Lara Spencer, the renowned American sleep expert and the author of The Power of When Dr. Michael Breus, even entertainers Wei Ruzhen and Xu Ruoxuan are avid followers of the bulletproof diet. By consuming Bulletproof Coffee, not only can it improve work performance, but it can also maintain bodily functions perfectly.

MCT C8 Coconut Oil: With C8 content as high as 97.53 %!

MCT C8 Coconut Oil is an extract of coconut oil that contains significantly more precious, rare, and effective medium-chain triglycerides compared to regular coconut oil. The MCT C8 Coconut Oil imported from the United States has a MCT C8 content of 97.53% and takes only a few minutes to form a ketone body, giving it a ketogenic effect that’s four times that of regular coconut oil. Ketone bodies formed can effectively improve mental clarity and concentration while promoting fat loss and inhibiting hunger. These effects cannot be achieved by other MCT or coconut oils.
The structure of the MCT C8 coconut oil’s medium-chain fatty acids are easily digest- ible and absorbed by the body before they are quickly metabolized. As such, they do not accumulate as fat in the adult body, making it the best kind of oil for the body. It’s both colorless and tasteless, is comfort- able to drink and isn’t burdensome since it can be simply incorporated into your daily diet. It can be added to your daily foods such as tea, coffee, salads, and sauces to enhance their nutritional value.Its effects include improved mental clarity and concentration, along with increased bodily resilience. It also promotes a healthy metabolic rate, supplements individuals with energy, cleanses the mind and body, maintains a healthy bowel movement, reduces inflammation in the body, and maintains bodily functions for effective bodybuilding, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Le’Zing Maintaining a high-frequency energy balance.

Molecular biologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine Elizabeth Blackburn mentioned in her book The Telomere Effect that it’s possible for people to extend their telomeres and even their longevity through a healthy lifestyle.


Telomeres are located at the end of chromosomes, similar to an aglet, the protective cover at the end of laces. A rough lifestyle shortens telomeres, which increases the likelihood of cell aging and produces molecules that cause inflammation. This poses a huge risk as it promotes aging and its related diseases.


Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee and MCT C8 Coconut Oil helps us maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle by balancing the body and mind. They can help reduce inflammation within the body as well as cellular aging by extending the length of the telomeres. This ensures that the body and mind are healthy and is kept at their best!

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