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Company Profile

“Initiate the natural and harmonious magnetic field energy, display optimum expansion, promote incredible healing effects, and march towards the infinite richness of the universe.”

OneNess concept aims to create a better future, mutual support, and share the richness of life. Enabling us to feel the greatest happiness and joy in the universe, OneNess concept upholds its seven core brand principles: abundance, energy, awareness, essence, altruism, wisdom and true love, in the hope that everyone would gain balance among body, mind and soul, shift towards love, and practise compassion, and march towards the infinite richness of the universe.


OneNess concept believes that the essence of life is love. Everyone wishes to be loved, understood, recognised, accepted and listened to. Spiritually, we are all connected. Hence, we aim to establish a heart-to-heart connection through OneNess’s core concept and to generate the positive energy of resonance in this universe.


OneNess concept is the brain child of master Tina Lee’s 20 years experience and wisdom. She founded Deeksha flower essence natural therapy and other holistic essence therapies, to effectively help one regain health, vitality and inner joy, leading to richness of body-mind syncretism.

Brand Concepts

Awareness – Consciousness Transforms Personal Awareness

Transform consciousness, raise awareness, lead others to overcome difficulties, embrace motivations, and live in this infinite universe.


Essence – Truth, Goodness, Beauty

Portray extraordinary quality of life, serve the community, live an incomparable life, contribute to the universe, and achieve success.


Wisdom – Supreme Subconscious Mind

Initiate high-energy frequency, awake existing wisdom, convey honest message, influence others positively.


Altruism – Coexistence With Compassion And Gratitude

Emphasize on the spirit of altruism, compassionate, and gratitude to create a better vision of life. Serve the world with love and positive energy to broaden minds.


True Love – The Power Of Love

Realize the balance of truth, goodness and beauty, embrace endless love, revitalize the body, mind and soul, immerse in happiness


Energy – Attract The Greatest Energy In The Universe Via Action

Embrace the greatest energy to enhance perception and generate energy. Combining the highest energy of the universe to strengthen inner perception, focus on consciousness, and bring vision to life


Abundance – Connect with the universe’s abundance to create affluence

Give full play to the potential of life, create reality with high-frequency mind, emphasize on goodness and compassion with the supreme wisdom to make full use of the world richness



Practise ancient methods to promptly introduce energy of the flowers to the body, unravel stagnant Qi and memory to initiate the natural and harmoniousmagneticfield energy, display the best body function state, and stimulate incredible healing results

Value Guarantee

Enjoy the amazing changes in body, mind and emotion after use.

Product Innovation

In an era of constant change,weintegrateancient treatment with more advanced technology to accommodate the needs of our modern society.

Wholehearted Service

We only hire speakers who are spiritual practitioners with true altruism to provide professional knowledge and services, so that customers can achieve effective healing results.

Professional Team

Founded by a team of professional consultants who have accumulated years of clinical experience and learning, we integrate overseasadvancedlearning andnaturalenergytreatment to benefit the users physically and spiritually, so that everyone gets to lead a better life.

Caring For Society

Balance, love, positive energy and contribution towards to society allow everyone to achieve a balance between body and mind. Be the LIGHT, shift towards LOVE, and serve the society, in order to shine through INFINITY.

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