Oneness Concept | Deeksha Flower Essence Q&A
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Deeksha Flower Essence Q&A

DeekSha Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the differences among Flower Essence, Flower and Gems Essence and Colour Energy Flower Essence?

A: The biggest difference between Flower and Gems Essence and Flower Essence is that the former consists of the energy of crystals and shells. Apart from this, Colour Energy Flower Essence also comes with scented essential oil and the colour energy extracted from flowers.

Q: What is the difference between Oral Use Flower Essence and Colour Energy Flower Essence?

A: The difference is that the body’s cells store our emotional memory since young, thus affect our stimulation response mode and habitual neural circuit. Cleansing from the body has a rapid effect, so the memory of the body could be cleared and transformed. However, the old memories retained may cause reoccurrence of the same feeling. Hence, taking the flower essence orally could regulate the mental state of mind, and achieve better healing effect.

Q: Is flower essence being applied on body? Is it the same as essential oil?

A: Essential oil works on physical level, whereas flower essence heals both emotional and energy bodies. Hence, they are completely different. Flower essence belongs to flower essence therapy (similar to homeopathy), while essential oil treatment is a type of aromatherapy. Flower essence transfers energy and frequency of flowers and nature into the water. When the flower energy resonates with the imbalance between body and mind, it brings about the transformation and healing of the inner mind – promoting harmony and inner tranquillity in the body.

Q: Does Flower Essence have side effects?

A: DeekSha Flower Essence is a natural and safe energy product. It is made of morning wild flowers, sunlight, pure water, and the natural energy of flowers and crystals. In order to maintain the purity of the flower essence, the extraction takes place on top of the mountain or very dangerous areas that have never been polluted. Pregnant women, children, animals and plants can all use the product, as there is no side effect, addiction or overdose issues. The application of flower essence is all about the energy frequency rather than material structure.

Q: Who needs consultation on flower essence therapy?

A: Those who wish to make their body and mind more comfortable and energetic through flower essence; those who wish to understand his/her emotions and body better; and those who needs flower essence to guide them to discover the root cause of their sufferings. Besides, those who have physical discomfort (eg. insomnia, head ache, and chest congestion) may experience positive changes in their body, mind, emotion and energy, after using our products.

Emotional Energy Flower Essence

Oral Use Flower Essence

Q: How many times can one ingest Oral Use Flower Essence in a day?

A: There is no exact answer to this question. Flower essence is not a medicine; you may take it as many times you wish. Compared to the dosage, it is proven to be more effective if you ingest the product regularly.

Q: Can Oral Use Flower Essence be added to any of the drinks?

A: Do not add into caffeinated drinks like coffee or coke. It is OK to have it with tea, but pure and clean boiled water is always the best match.

Q: How to take Oral Use Flower Essence? Drink it slowly or in one go? Would flower essence evaporate in the air?

A: Clinical studies show that the most effective way to ingest Oral Use Flower Essence is to add seven drops of the essence into the water and drink slowly throughout the day, so that each mouthful of water consumed contains traces of flower essence that would resonate with our emotional body. It is best to finish the flower essence in 21 days after opening. Do not worry that the flower essence might evaporate as it would resonate with the water, and the whole bottle of water would be full of the flower frequency.

Colour Energy Flower Essence

Q: How to use Flower Essence with Flower Essence Lotion?

A: Avoid applying Flower Essence on the inflamed areas. Flower Essence Lotion could be applied on the whole body; use it with Flower Essence for quicker effect. Skin-Barrier is mild and suitable to babies. It can also be applied on inflamed area or sensitive skin.

Q: After shower, what is the correct order to apply the flower essence?

A: Flower essence is not a material, but energy. It could be applied before or after other skin care products. However, Flower Essence Lotion is normally the last step.

Q: Should I pour the flower essence on the hand and then rub it on the body, or directly apply on the body?

A: Either way is fine. When you do not feel wet on your hands anymore, sniff them.

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