Oneness Concept | Founder Profile
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Founder Profile

Founder, Tina Lee

Tina Lee, founder of OneNess concept, has been doing essence remedies research study on various field, including music therapy, IPL therapy and aromatherapy. 20 years ago, Tina Lee met a herbalist while studying in Australia. The senior has a special sensory healing power which tempted Tina Lee to consult upon on the unique physical and mental issues among Asians. The herbalist then introduced some plants with healing effects to Tina which were then becoming integrated remedies of Eastern and Western natural therapies, and concoct a range of flower essence products which comprise of Australian flowers and natural crystals. The product has enabled users to experience obvious changes at physical and emotional level during the treatment process.


With more than 20 years of experience, Tina Lee profoundly realized that flower essence therapy could instantly resolves the heavy loads of the physical, energy & emotion and thus restores them at a positive level. As a result, users would be rejuvenated, feeling inner joy and march towards abundance and body, mind and soul unity.

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