Oneness Concept | Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee
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Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee

High-Frequency Energy

Mental Performance

Mental Focus & Alertness

Improved Bodily Functions

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Developed by Silicon Valley engineer Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee was created after he went on a trip, and after drinking a bitter tea that Tibetan residents drank, he felt like he was full of energy. Following that experience, Bulletproof Coffee was born after he made several improvements to the formula. Le’Zing’s Extreme High-Frequency Bulletproof Coffee is a uniquely formulated energy coffee, made specifically to refresh the mind, and to have balance in mental and physical frequencies.

A cup a day of Le’Zing Extreme High-Frequency Energy Coffee!

Six Performance Benefits

Six Health Benefits

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