Oneness Concept | The Miracle Effect Of Flower Essence Therapy
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The Miracle Effect Of Flower Essence Therapy

The Miracle Effect Of Flower Essence Therapy

Firstly, immediate changes take place in physical level. For instance, the tensed muscles would relax, and skin tone would change.

Secondly, emotional body begin to flow where negative emotions are transformed into positive energy. Some would release past sorrow or negative emotions, and rush of inner joy would follow.

Thirdly, on the spiritual side, one’s insight and wisdom would be enhanced, while breaking through self-limitation. This enables us to accept the richness of the universe and allow infinite growth and expansion

Derived from the energy of flowers


Purify and heal body and mind with the high energy of flowers and crystals
DeekSha Flower Essence combines morning wild flowers, sunlight, pure water, and the natural energy of flowers and crystals. This could be activated through energy resonance that transforms our body and mind, and promote inner tranquillity.


Our nature is full of vitality that could spiritually awaken our inner wisdom and stimulate love and light in the bottom of our soul.


Everything in this world carries energy. Flower essence heals body and mind through energy purification. All the troubles in the past could suppress our energy. Flower essence could soothe energy flow that then free user from painful memories.


The history of flower essence could be traced back to a thousand years ago. Australia, ancient Egypt, Asia, Europe, and even South America have medical records of it. Ores, natural herbs, plants, and flowers always provide the greatest, yet the mildest healing effects to human beings.


As early as in ancient times, the Egyptians have started practising aromatherapy. Folks, who lived in Nile Delta, used aromatic plants to heal various mental and physical disorders. With this, Egyptians are pioneers in practising aromatherapy.


Flower essence therapy brings healing effects to various energy bodies through subtle high-frequency vibration of the flowers and crystals.

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